Do you want a promotion for technology, consulting or financing for your city marketing project?

Please feel free to submit your application.

The Deutsche Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft (DSM) supports public institutions as well as regional marketing initiatives with individual funding programs.

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With its funding projects, DSM pursues the goal of digitally marketing the regional institutions and business enterprises. It can no longer be left entirely to the US corporations Google and Facebook, as the sites are found. The cities should use the power of your websites and URLs like to optimize the local trade and the attractive facilities SEO and to present with a good user experience.

The most important support is usually a financial service, by the DSM the costs for a measure in the digital city market accepts or pre-financing. DSM also advises on the applied technologies and marketing concept.

Prerequisites for the approval of a grant are:
  1. Consistent marketing concept
  2. Involvement of or initiative by the official city or district administration or the regional tourism organization
  3. If possible, the integration of the local trade association or the retailer association.
  4. Willingness of the project owner to advertise the local business in the promoted new media, eg website and app.

Application online

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