Founded in 2008 in Hanover

  • In 2008 City2Click developed the first mobile-based city information system and tested it in projects. Already in 2009, numerous projects with cities, counties and transport companies were successfully running in regular operation with a total of over 10,000 info points with mobile information for SmartPhones. Starting in 2010, the incentive system PremioCent was developed to reward customers for feedback, store visits and response to advertising. In 2013 the system was extended by a complete couponing. Later, the conversion of all offers to special SmartPhone apps, which also support modern functions like iBeacon.

City2Click: City App in 2008

  • With City2Click (pronounced City to Click), Deutsche Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft is offering mobile city information together with üstra and Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH. City2Click was the first information system for smartphones, with which you can easily and locally at the respective location know about the environment as well as timetables.
Um City2Click nutzen zu können, wurde eine Start-SMS mit dem Stichwort „city“ an 42444 geschickt, worauf man einen kostenlosen Downloadlink für die Software erhielt An mehr als 1.000 Haltestellen von üstra in Hannover hängen Plakate, auf denen ein City2Click-Code aufgedruckt ist. Diesen scannt man mit seinem Handy und erhält damit Informationen zu Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Umgebung, Strecken- und Fahrplanauskünfte sowie Stadtplan-, Veranstaltungs- und Kinoinformationen. City2Click kann über die native iOS oder Android App oder das Mobil-Portal go.city2click.mobi genutzt werden. Über GPS Ortung erhält dann ebenfalls die gewünschten Auskünfte.

Zahlreiche Informationen und Angebote wurden in City2Click integriert: touristische und kulturelle Sehenswürdigkeiten, Veranstaltungen, Einkaufsmöglichkeiten, öffentliche Einrichtungen sowie der nächstgelegene Geldautomat. City2Click gibt nicht nur Auskünfte zum aktuellen Standort, sondern führt den Nutzer auch mittels Stadtplan oder öffentlichen Verkehrsverbindungen zum Ziel. City2Click bietet zu Bildern und Texten auch die Möglichkeit, sich Texte vorlesen zu lassen. Neben ausgewählten Veranstaltungen zeigt City2Click auch das Programm vieler Kinos, mit detaillierten Informationen und Bildern zum Film. Registrierte Nutzer können Nachrichten mit automatischer Standortangabe schreiben und diese auf ihre Seite bei sozialen Netzen übertragen. Ebenfalls das regionale Wetter, News und Webcams aus der Region sowie die im Umkreis des Standortes geschriebenen Nachrichten anderer Nutzer. 

In der Region Hannover sind über 1500 Punkte von City2Click erfasst, überwiegend an üstra Haltestellen in der Region Hannover. Die Anbieter der jeweiligen Punkte, ob gewerblich oder öffentlich, können über einen einfachen Redaktionszugang ihren Content aktualisieren und Veranstaltungen einstellen. City2Click wurde in Hannover begonnen und bis 2013 auf viele weitere Regionen ausgeweitet.

PremioCent: makes shopping an experience

  • The currency of your life
  • Since 2010 developed, PremioCent accompanies end customers with rewards through life.
  • PremioCent rewards for the most varied things and stations in life in the form of PremioCent credits on the customer account. Rewards are obtained for creating or adding information to venues, visiting venues, buying products, and responding to advertising using PremioCent codes.
  • PremioCent credit can be used to buy the offered premiums with the app.
Um Teilnehmer bei PremioCent zu werden, installiert man die App für iPhone oder Android. 

Kundenfrequenz und zusätzliche Umsätze
Ein kleines Dankeschön für den Besuch bei Ihnen wirkt Wunder! Ihre Kunden kommen gerne wieder und tragen ihr positives Erlebnis weiter.

Advertisement from local merchants - payment for customer frequency

The ongoing provision of the system, the advertising entries for your location and the listing of your bonuses are free of charge for retailers. They have no fixed running costs and only pay in case of success - the reward given and a low transaction fee. Via a PremioCent prepaid credit the providers can keep the costs 100% under control. Through the issue of premiums, traders can earn new PremioCents and in the best case they do not need to buy new ones.

Companies register their store location and receive their own PremioCent code, which they can use to reward their customers. The providers determine how much a customer is worth. PremioCent publishes the business in the apps. More new and old customers will visit them to get PremioCent. This allows businesses to present their products to a larger clientele.

Merchants can also reward the purchase with a PremioCent purchase code to increase sales and determine the purchase rate.

Own goods or services can be offered as bonuses. Customers can exchange collected PremioCent for these bonuses. By submitting a mobile phone voucher, customers receive the premiums. The vendor receives the agreed purchase price on his PremioCent account. The PremioCent can be re-issued to customers via their own PremioCent code or paid out in EURO.

PPP for Smart City projects

  • Internet project of the city of Stolberg
  1. Relaunch & Erweiterung der Website
  2. Entwicklung einer WebApp
  3. Entwicklung nativer Apps: iOS, Android
  4. Schnittstellen zwischen Apps und Portal
  5. Bürgerservice, News und Veranstaltungen 
  6. Ausleitung an Portal, Mobile & Social Media
First PPP implementation in the media sector

Via a media PPP, the city receives free print, web and app services from a company consortium for 5 years.
  • Deutsche Stadtmarketing organizes consortium
    • CITYGUIDE AG, Krefeld
    • net-Com AG, Osnabrück
    • Neomedia, Coesfeld
  • Public partners: City, Tourism, WiFö
  • Joint media package for 5 years
  • Internet services
  • Incentive system PremioCent
  • All print publications of the city
  • Free internet hotspots in the city
Mobile City App for Stolberg
  • 360 ° panoramic city tour
  • Online business book for web and app
  • evaluation function
  • Experience reports and user comments
  • AroundMe - display of local attractions
  • PremioCent from Deutsche Stadtmarketing
Participation of the local economy
  • Own app entry
  • Own 360 ° tour guide
  • Integration of actions and offers
  • Ads in all print publications
  • Profile in the business directory of website / app
  • Advertising in the Stolberg hotspots
  • Participation reward system PremioCent
  • Participate in local promotion campaigns
With a PPP (Public Private Partnership) so far unique in Germany in this form, the city administration in Stolberg announces a new media age. A package of digital and classical measures from Stadtmarketing is used in Stolberg, without the city having to spend budget on this.

At the end of 2013, the companies CITYGUIDE AG, net-Com AG and Neomedia GmbH agree on a unique PPP agreement with the city of Stolberg. In addition to the relaunch of the website and various print publications, the city of Stolberg can also use SocialMedia platforms with up-to-date tools and implement an innovative entry into the mobile world. Stolberg launches an app for iOS and Android, as well as a webapp for users of other devices.

The website of the city of Stolberg is presented in a modern outfit and a new menu. In the course of the relaunch, the websites of the Department Social and CampAstrid were also integrated into the main entrance. The website is supplemented by an event platform that allows organizers and associations to integrate their own event calendar into their websites. In addition, the new website features interfaces to the smartphone app, so that citizen service, news and events are automatically transferred to the app. The city's performances in social networks (eg the facebook page of Stolberg Touristik) can be automatically provided with information from the Internet presence.
The Stolberg app offers selected information of the website, mobile optimized, further information for residents and visitors of the city Stolberg. For tourists it is possible to visit the city of Stolberg by 360 ° panorama, where users can move with the movement sensor of the smartphone. In the app you will also find information about sights in Stolberg, opening hours and other important information. Companies are integrated in the app alongside the urban information. The economy also has the opportunity to present the companies and offerings on a mobile basis. They are to be explored with the same 360 ​​° technique as the public places in Stolberg. There are location-dependent information, services and products as well as special offers and a routing to the providers.

To make Stolberg more attractive for visitors and buyers, free public internet hotspots were set up in Stolberg, which are financed through the advertising of the local companies, mediated by Deutsche Stadtmarketing GmbH and CITYGUIDE AG.
For the first time in Germany the reward system PremioCent of the German city marketing will be used in a city to reward the visitors at Stolberger providers. PremioCent is part of the Stolberg app and enables the collection of PremioCents by visiting the participating shops. Anyone who buys something during his visit receives additional rewards from many participating providers. PremioCents are able to exchange and pick up customers directly against attractive premium Stolberger companies. The collection works by scanning the green PremioCent QRCodes with the QRCode scanner of the Stolberg app. Some vendors also rely on the new iBeacon technology, which, with a small Bluetooth transmitter, already informs customers before loading, welcomes them when entering the store, and automatically offers the possible reward. The technology is integrated into the Stolberg app.

With the measures introduced, Stolberg is made more attractive as a shopping center and an excursion destination, and a turnaround in the development is taking place. The measures are designed to strengthen the Stolberg location in the medium term and secure the livelihood of the participating companies. The visit of the city of Stolberg should be a (digital) experience and a viral effect unfold.

Smart City App: Neues App Framework

  • start page

  • industry list

  • Related Links

  • Submenus with icons

  • Graphical overview entries

  • Full View Entry

  • Full view entry - more info

  • In 2015, Deutsche Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft is developing its own technological base for Smart City Apps.

Das Baukastensystem besteht aus folgenden Modulen:
  1. Content Management System für Texte und Bilder
  2. Branchenverzeichnis mit Ausleitung für Websites, Web Apps und native Apps
  3. Frontend Gestaltung für PoI und Branchenbuch
  4. Erstellung nativer Apps für iOS und Android
  5. Administration und Verwaltung von Nutzern, Rollen & Rechten
Die Smart City Apps ermöglichen alle Funktionen, die Städte und Stadtmarketing für mobile lokale Anwendungen erwarten können: Anzeige Sehenswürdigkeiten und öffentliche Einrichtungen, 360° Panoramen, Veranstaltungen, Firmenverzeichnis, iBeacon Technologie, u.v.m.
More information Flyer with Imperia CMS

Cooperation with pirobase imperia

  • The German city marketing company has entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with the market leader for content management systems (CMS) in the public sector pirobase imperia gmbh.
pirobase imperia liefert seit vielen Jahren das CMS für große Städte wie Berlin, Köln, Nürnberg, Kassel, Bonn, Erfurt. Ebenfalls bedient pirobase imperia mit seinen CMS die vier Bundesländer Bayern, Baden-Württemberg, Thüringen und Berlin. Einige kommunale Rechenzentren in diesen Ländern sind offizielle Partner von pirobase imperia.

Die Kooperation ermöglicht es pirobase imperia, auch kleinere und mittlere Städte mit neuen Webportalen in der Qualität der Hauptstadt Berlin www.berlin.de zu bedienen, da die Deutsche Stadtmarketing in bestimmten Konstellationen die Förderung und Vorfinanzierung übernimmt.

Städte mit innovativen Stadtmarketing-Projekten und dem Bedarf an offizieller Förderung durch die Deutsche Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft können sich um eine Förderung durch die Deutsche Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft bewerben.
pirobase imperia gmbh Application
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