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Google Adwords campaigns
Do you provide a service that is specifically searched for in the network? Would you like to contact potential customers who are looking for a service in your region? Then a Google Adwords campaign is right for you! We will take you to Google on the first page and create an exciting website (so-called Landing Page) if necessary, we measure the return of your campaign and look after you holistically, friendly and professional.
Your advantages
Advertising without scattering losses
We'll show your Google ads only with exactly matching keywords. You pay only when an interested person clicks.

New customers
With our advice, you can choose whether the clicks lead to your existing website or whether we can create a convincing landing page for you.

Measure the backflow permanently
With our advertising tracking, you know at any time how many contacts are made by your marketing-

Cost-effective & flexible
We offer cheap offers for furnishing and continuous care. With us there is no minimum running time.
This is how your Adwords campaign works
  1. We're applying to Google to help potential customers find your offer when looking for a provider in your industry.

  2. They convince with your offer, either with your existing website or with an optimized landing page created by us.

  3. Direct success control: You can check daily who has viewed or clicked on your ads and who has called or registered them.
Our services
Unique campaign setup
  1. Setting up Google AdWords account: We create a new one or adopt your existing Google AdWords account, define focused key words, and match the ad text.

  2. Establishment offer website: If you do not yet present your advertised offers on your website, we will design an optimized landing page.

  3. Setup contact tracking: We register a tracking phone number, make e-mail inquiries measurable, and set up your contact report.
Ongoing support
  1. Switching Your Ads: We manage and optimize your Adwords campaign progressively so that as many, as possible, qualified contacts are generated from your budget.

  2. Adaptations after campaign start: We adapt your campaigns or temporary pauses for you, without incurring additional costs.

  3. Result reports: We will provide you with information about the cost and performance of your AdWords campaign, as well as the contact return in calls or e-mails.
Retargeting Prozess
Retargeting allows you to show ads to users who have already visited your site. If users leave your site without buying anything, retargeting can help you get in touch with users by showing relevant ads on other devices from those previous visitors.
Benefits of Retargeting with Google Adwords
Retargeting can help you increase your sales, get more registrations, or increase your brand's brand awareness. It is a means of increasing the value of Google ads for all types of advertisers.
  1. Access to customers when a purchase is planned: You have the opportunity to reach users after they have interacted with your website. So, when you're looking for your product, or you're looking at other websites, you'll reach users. Retargeting with AdWords provides you with the right linking points to guide customers to your website when they are most interested.

  2. Targets Targeted for Your Advertising Goals: Define your retargeting goals to achieve specific advertising goals. For example, you can specifically display ads to users who have added an item to their shopping cart but have not completed a transaction.

  3. Great reach: You can reach users while using the more than two million sites and mobile apps.

  4. Efficient pricing: You can create powerful campaigns with automated bidding strategies. For real-time bidding, the optimal bid is calculated for the user who is viewing your ad. So you get the surcharge in the ad auction at the best possible price. No additional costs are incurred as a result of using the Google auction.

  5. Remarketing campaigns allow you to create dynamic ads. This creates attractive ads for your entire range of products or services.

  6. Insight into your campaign: The performance of your campaigns is transparent - you always know where your ads are delivered and at what price.

  7. Reach your customers when they are looking for you: Turn ads for past visitors who have searched for your business through Google Search.
Opportunities for Remarketing with Google AdWords
  1. Standard Retargeting: Turn ads on to past visitors while viewing sites on the Display Network or using Display Network apps.

  2. Dynamic Retargeting: Get better results with dynamic remarketing and take a step further by using ads with products or services that users have viewed on your site.

  3. Retargeting for mobile apps: Turn ads to visitors who have already used your mobile app or visited your mobile site while they are using other mobile apps or visiting other mobile sites.

  4. Retargeting search ads: Turn ads on past visitors as they continue to search for Google and after they leave your site.

  5. Video Retargeting: Show ads to users who have interacted with your videos or your YouTube channel while they are using YouTube, watching videos, visiting websites, and using apps on the Display Network.

  6. Retargeting by e-mail list: Customer matching is a feature where you can upload a list of e-mail addresses that your customers have given you. For these customers, Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail can display ads when they are signed into their account.
Interested in Google Adwords and Retargeting?
We would be glad to advise you on how to win new customers via the Internet at a reasonable fixed price - which can be canceled monthly. Feel free to contact us!
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