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Google Street View TRUSTED Photographer

Ask the German city marketing company to create your company's indoor impressions in order to gain more visibility.

The decision for the right restaurant, café or hotel is often difficult. With a high-quality virtual tour, you can give your users a real-world insight into your business before you arrive and build confidence. This allows you to attract potential customers and customers more easily.

This allows your business to display pictures, information and attractive 360 ​​° panoramas in Google Search, Google Maps and other Google services, such as hotel search.

For the first impression there is only one chance - use this and show your customers a virtual 360 ° tour through your company!

Just look around calmly. Without distraction, without hustle and bustle.
No matter what time your customers want to visit, Google Street View | Trusted makes it possible. With the Street View technology, you can invite your customers to a virtual 360 ° round-the-clock tour, which makes them feel right at home. Both from the smartphone, from the PC or tablet.

Give your customers a sense of your business premises before they even take the first step through your door. In this way, you gain confidence in advance and stand out from your competitors.

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted at a glance

  • With Google Street View | Trusted panoramas stand out from other search results. They appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and your Google+ Local page.
  • The panoramas can be integrated into your website and in social media platforms. They invite customers to interact and offer them an authentic experience - right from the first Google search. This increases the dwelling time of the users.
  • With the virtual tour, you open your business premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • In the case of regular customers, you strengthen the loyalty with the professional representation of your company, and potential new customers gain an unforgettable first impression.
  • They present themselves as a modern and innovative company.
  • With us as your certified Google Street View | Trusted photographers can rely on quality!
  • Google Streetview Trusted is responsive - it adapts to all end devices.

For you, the process is simple

  • Vote for an appointment with us as a certified Google Street View Photographer (if necessary, you can have a preview of your business premises by our photographer, where we already have a Google Local profile).
  • We take the 360 ​​° panoramas and POI photos of your company.
  • We prepare the photos, create the 360 ​​° panoramas and upload them to the Google services for integration.
  • The panoramas will be released and brought online after Google quality control.
  • You will receive the images from us for further use and can also use them on your website or in social media platforms.
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